New Vendors: Read the requirements below and complete the form at the bottom of
the page to request to be added to our vendor list.
We will respond confirming you have been accepted and schedule your first event.


What Kind of Boutique Vendors are Accepted?

  1. You must sell handmade or homemade items to be a vendor.  Items do not have to be 100% handmade but they must be original and customized in some way.  We want to create a “boutique” market, meaning unique items not found elsewhere.  If you feel your items fit into this “boutique” category but are not handmade, please email us at with pictures or social media links.
  2. We do not accept MLM booths.  We focus on small businesses at the local level and do not feel it is a fair playing field to put them in competition with the brand recognition of larger companies. (This includes Origami Owl, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc.)
  3. We do not accept informational booths.  You must be selling an item to be a part of the market.
  4. Exception: If you own a business in the immediate area of one of the events, please contact us at as we do offer booths to adjacent businesses. (This includes inside Queen Creek Marketplace, within view of the Queen Creek Library and Downtown Mesa.

Boutique Vendor Licensing Requirements

All Events: A State TPT is required and you (The Vendor) are solely responsible for reporting your tax and income to the individual cities

You are required to bring YOUR OWN 10X10 Pop Up Tent to all events

Day of Event Boutique Vendor FAQ

  1. We will provide a 10′ x 10′ spot.  We do not provide the tent, tent weights, tables, chairs, power, lighting, extension cords, etc.
  2. You will need to bring lights for inside your booth – it gets very dark at the events.  Camping lanterns, clip on desk lamps, outdoor spotlights (LED please for safety) and strings of lights are all great options but your lighting choice is up to you.
  3. You will be able to pull your vehicle up to your booth location but vehicles must be out of the event space by 5 pm to ensure the safety of the children that arrive a few minutes early.
  4. The fee is $100 per event for a 10′ x 10′ booth space.  Fees will be invoiced prior to your scheduled date along with vendor agreement.
  5. Please remember to post on your social media that you will be attending and tag the event.


What Kind of Food Trucks are Accepted?

  1. We are a Food Truck Event Promoter who strives to host events that provide a unique and artisan foodie experience.  We accept almost every truck that fits into this category.
  2. We do not accept shaved ice, trucks attached to a corporate entity or concession stand type trucks.  We focus on artisan, chef driven concepts.  While chef driven is not a requirement, great food made from fresh ingredients is a priority.  We do not want to fill the events with pre-packaged or unoriginal food.  We are creating a foodie experience that these things do not fit into.
  3. You must have a current MFU sticker from Maricopa County.  There are no exceptions to this due to the Health Dept. regulations on our event.  Hot dog carts, BBQ smokers pulled behind a truck or anything that does not have a completely enclosed kitchen in a truck or trailer that you can sell out of the window from does not qualify as an MFU.

Food Truck Licensing Requirements

All Events:  A Maricopa MFU sticker must be on the back of your rig and a State TPT is required.  The state TPT must have the cities selected as program cities so you can pay the applicable taxes to the appropriate city.  (The cities do occasionally check to see which trucks are reporting income in their city.)


Gilbert:  Gilbert Mobile Food Vending license is required. (click here for application)

Mesa:  No additional licenses are needed.

Queen Creek:  No additional licenses are needed.  A fire inspection will be done at your first event.

*If you have questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Day of Event Food Truck FAQ

  1. We provide shore power at the Mesa Feastival Forest but not at the other events.  Please bring your generator to Mesa the first couple times you attend in case we do not have the adapter for your truck.  We have a couple trucks that aren’t compatible with the power setup due to either ungrounded wiring in the truck or a very rare adapter needed.
  2. You will need to bring lights for the front of your truck – it gets very dark at the events.  Lit up trucks always make the most money.  If you bring a spotlight, please make sure it is not halogen lights as they get very hot and children can get burned.  (LED is preferred)
  3. All vehicles must be out of the event space by 5 pm to ensure the safety of the children that arrive a few minutes early.  Some venues have space for you to park directly behind your trailer – ask the onsite coordinator if you are in a location where this is acceptable.
  4. The Fee is 15% of gross sales and is collected in cash or check by the event coordinator.  Please bring the payment envelope given at the beginning of the event to the concierge booth.
  5. Please remember to post on your social media that you will be attending and tag the event.


Vendor Info and Scheduling  –

Social Media Links

Gilbert Feastival

Queen Creek Feastival

Mesa Feastival Forest

AZ Feastivals
(used for announcing all events)

Events Schedule


Gilbert Feastival (GF)
1225 N Gilbert Rd (Sam’s Club at Gilbert Rd & Houston)
5:30 – 9 pm (setup starts at 4 pm)

Queen Creek Feastival (QCF)
(Queen Creek Library) 21802 S Ellsworth Rd (Ellsworth Loop just north of Ocotillo Rd)
5:30 – 9 pm (setup starts at 4 pm)


Mesa Feastival Forest (MFF)
(Mesa Dr. & Main St.) 526 E Main St, Mesa

2017 Schedule:
Saturday, Nov 18th
Merry Main St.: Every Fri, Sat & Mon from Black Friday 11/24/2017 – 12/30/2017

Every Saturday Year Round in 2018
5:30 – 9 pm (setup starts at 4 pm)

*Please be ready to sell by 5 pm at all events when the first customers start coming in.